50 Ways to Make Money Online

50 proven methods to earn money online.
Working ideas on HOW TO WORK from home or anywhere.

ebook realized by Int. Academy

Includes 50 ways to make money.
This book provides skills to start your own business.
It will inform on best practices, tools, risk, time and money required.
Total pages: 69, pdf format. Last Update: May 2018.

Digital Jobs

16 methods based on digital work. For example freelancing or translation.


Passive Income

15 methods how to make money from contents. For example podcast or ebook.


Online Business

7 methods how to earn as entrepreneur. For example web design.


Online Investing

5 methods based on forecasting. For example trading.



2 methods selling what you make. For example handmade items.



5 methods how to rent what you have. For example rooms or space.



Several options how you can make money online

If you need guidance how to start, its all within this book.

Grey Simpson
Co-Founder, Int. Academy
“This is an excellent book to start your own business, especially online. Ideal for the complete beginner. It tells you how to set up the business, pros and cons. You can find the right business by yourself.”

Ways to Earn Cash online

If you interested in making money online is probably because you want freedom to live and work wherever and however you want. Useful to start a new business and change your life.

Kimberly Gush
Marketing, Online srl
“I found this book to be very informative. It is a quick overview of a bunch of income ideas.”

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